The University of Zagreb & Croatian Heritage Foundation UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CROATIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE IN ZAGREB June 30 – July 27, 2018 The University School of Croatian Language and Culture is offered to persons of Croatian background, as well as to any students who want to learn (more) about the Croatian language and culture. The University School may be attended by teachers of Croatian as a foreign language who wish to improve in the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) by participating in classes and attending class (Croatian as L2) designed specifically for them. University School has a long tradition, its history began in 1980 when the Croatian Heritage Foundation launched Summer School of Croatian Language and Folklore. University of Zagreb took over the academic part of the program in 1991. THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM comprises of 120 hours, this includes 105 hours of obligatory classes and 15 hours of facultative classes (each session lasts 45 min.). Language classes include grammar lessons and language excercises, i.e. The Croatian course is offered at three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). All academic lectures and study visits on CROATIAN CULTURE & HISTORY make a part of the program organised by the Croatian Heritage Foundation. Academic lectures: Croatian Culture & History in the European & Global Context Guided study visits to museums, art galleries, cultural institutions, concerts, theatre & theatre performances Study trips to Croatian Hinterland and Plitvice Lakes Students who pass the exam receive a diploma from the University of Zagreb, a grade report based on achievement and (if they require) confirmation of achieved ECTS credits (8 ECTS credits for Language/1 ECTS credit for Culture).