The lecture about the Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik at the Trinity College Dublin

The lecture was given by lecturer Sanja Frankovic, PhD , Croatian language and Culture Course at the Trinity College Dublin (TCD), about the Cathedral of St. James in šibenik at the TCD on November 28th 2017. The lecturer looked back about the historical circumstences during the hundred years of the catherdal"s construction and gave interesting discourse conecting the historical individuals who binded šibenik and Croatian language such as: Juraj Dalmatinac, Croatian builder and sculptor, in particular to polymath, linguist, inventor, diplomat, engineer, priest and bishop Faust Vrancic. The lecturer’s end view was on the novel “Katedrala” written by šibenik native born, Ivo Brešan, Croatian writer, prosaist, slavist and screenwriter. The students from the Croatian language and Culture Course, professors and the representative from the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia were present at the lecture.

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