Meeting with Bishop of Hvar

On the 24th of May 2019. the bishop of Hvar, msgr. Petar Palic, accompanied by the chancellor of the Bishop"s ordinariate Fr. Ivan Jurin and Fr. Josip Levakovic visited the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Dublin, as a part of his visit to the Croatian Catholic Mission in Ireland. In the conversation held at the Embassy several topics were stressed, in particular the excellent cooperation and mutual support between the Embassy and the Croatian Catholic Mission, as well as the mutual respect in terms of fields of activity of each institution. Ambassador Mašina presented the situation in Ireland to bishop Palic with particular emphasis on the Croatian community and the problems they face, as well as the understanding they encounter with their employers and colleagues. The hugely important role of the Croatian Catholic Mission in general, and within the local parish of St. Mary"s where it operates, was also discussed. It is with great pleasure that we notice the exceptional admiration and fondness of the Irish hosts towards the activity of the Croatian Catholic Mission. With words of gratitude to Fr. Ljubomir šimunovic, OFM, the head of the Croatian Chaplaincy in London, for his spiritual leadership in the very beginning of gathering the Croatian Catholic community in Ireland, Ambassador Mašina concluded that the contribution of Fr. Josip Levakovic through his every day work was priceless as well. His dedication and missionary work across Ireland could not go unnoticed with all the members of the community or the accidental passersby.

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