Lecture on Count Laval Nugent of Westmeath

Suncica Nagradic Habus, Archelological Museum in Zagreb, gave a talk on Count Laval Nugent of Westmeath at the 17th Annual Historic Houses Conference which took place at the Maynooth University, the Castletown House and the National Gallery of Ireland on 13-15th May 2019. In her talk at the Castletown House she explored life and the contribution of this Irish nobleman and field marshal of the Austrian Army, Croatia then being part of the Habsburg Monarchy, to the arts in Croatia. Count Laval Nugent, originally from Ballynacor House in Co Westmeath, liberated Croatia from the French while also liberating Rome from French occupation – earning him the tile of papal prince from Pope Pius VII. His contribution to Croatia went beyond that of a liberator, and his benevolence to the arts, led to the establishment of the first museum in Croatia. The conference and the lecture about Count Laval Nugent was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Ireland Ivan Mašina and First Secretary Dubravka Popic.

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