Klapa Sagena performs in Dublin

On November 30th the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Ireland hosted a concert by a cappella group Klapa Sagena in the St Mary"s Church Haddington Road in Dublin. The concert was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Ireland, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Chaplaincy in Dublin. With a programme called "U zemju latinsku" Klapa Sagena performed Croatian traditional klapa songs, as well as traditional Croatian Christmas carrols. The concert also included guest performances by sisters Iva and Lea Breskovac and Croatian Folklore Association Dukat, both from Dublin. Klapa singing is a multipart singing tradition of the southern Croatian regions of Dalmatia. Multipart singing, a capella homophonic singing, oral tradition and simple music making are its main features. The leader of each singing group is the first tenor, followed by several tenori, baritoni and basi voices. During performances, the singers stand in a tight semicircle. The first tenor starts the singing and is followed by the others. The main aim is to achieve the best possible blend of voices. Topics of klapa songs usually deal with love, life situations, and the environment in which they live. In 2012 klapa was inscribed in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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