Children in Croatia and Diaspora Connected by "Roots" Project

A video conference was organised on the 30th of March 2019 within the project "Roots", under the auspices of the Central State Office for Croats abroad. There were four schools participating in the program as follows: Blago Zadro Elementary School in Borovo Naselje, Second Elementary School široki Brijeg, Croatian School in Ljubljana and Croatian School in Dublin. During the video conference call from Ireland, teacher Ojdana Pleše and Ambassador Ivan Mašina accompanied the students. In the call from Borovo Naselje, the participants of this quadrilateral video conference were greeted by Ivana Franic, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Science and Education, Anica špoljaric, the principal of Blago Zadro Elementary School, and the network coordinator Ivana Kunštic, as the representative of the Central State Office for Croats abroad. Boris Grigic, Croatian Ambassador to Slovenia and teacher Vesna Hrdlicka Bergelj took part in the call from Ljubljana. All the participants were finally greeted by Miljenko Galic, the principal of the Second Elementary School in široki Brijeg, along with the teachers Dubravka Rožic and Irena Ratkic. The students of the four mentioned schools had a series of performances they had prepared especially for this occasion in order to present some of the contents from their other homeland to their Croatian peers.

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