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Prime Minister Plenković: Ukraine can count on Croatia's strong support

On the occasion of the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Saturday that Kyiv can count on the continued strong support from Croatia and he praised the heroic endeavours of the Ukrainian leadership, nation and army to defend their country.
In his statement Plenković recalled that the occupation started in 2014 following Russia's invasion and annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and its takeover of Ukraine's Donbas, while in 2022 Russian forces launched a full-scale military invasion.
Since then we can see heroic endeavours of the Ukrainian leadership, people and arm to defend their homes and their right to freedom and independence, said the Croatian premier.
During this war, the Ukrainians are also fighting for the security of the entire Europe, since a defeat of Ukraine would mean the total change of the geopolitical relations and would increase Russia's claims on Europe, the PM writes in his statement.
"Ukraine is not alone in its struggle. A broad and strong support offered by the democratic world is the expression of the resistance to the idea that the power of the stronger may prevails and defeat the international law, and moral and universal values."
"Croatia strongly stands by Ukraine," he underscores.
Plenković recalls barbaric attacks  against Ukrainian cities and towns, most heinous war atrocities, cold-hearted abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children, and destruction of the energy and infrastructure networks of Ukraine, maritime blockade whose consequences are being felt by the whole world.
We remember the valiant defenders of Mariupol, who like the defenders of Vukovar, endured a three-month long siege before the city was razed to the ground, said Plenković adding that the heroic resistance of the Ukrainians has initiated an unprecedented tide of solidarity and assistance from the international community.
Plenković holds that the Kremlin is today ware that the Russian objective of conquering Ukraine has failed.
Ukraine has succeeded in liberating large areas of Kherson and Kharkiv, and braving the adverse balance of power, Ukraine also offers tenacious resistance to the occupying forces. At the same time, Europe has reduced its dependence on Russia's energy products to a record low level, said Plenković pointing out the strength of NATO and the democratic world's persistence in support to Ukraine.
Under the leadership of this government, Croatia has provided assistance and is continuing to help Ukraine politically, diplomatically, economy-wise, militarily and also through the reception of Ukrainian refugees.
Having the experience of a victim of a Great Serbia aggression, Croatia provides the friendly Ukraine with its experience from the 1991-1995 Homeland War, notably from the humanitarian demining and war crimes prosecution. Croatia also offers assistance in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers and civilians, the premier writes.
In the last two years, Croatia hosted two international conferences on Ukraine.
One of them was the First Parliamentary Summit of the Crimea Platform in October 2022, and the other one, which was held in October 2023, was the first International Donor Conference on Demining Ukraine.
Even before Russia's invasion, Croatia was one of the staunch supporters of Ukraine's EU journey.
In 2021, Plenković and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a declaration on the Ukrainian EU membership bid.
All those decisions and moves contribute to the comprehensive European support to Ukraine and the unity of the European Union and to the credibility of Croatia as a NATO member-state, says Plenković adding that during this struggle for its independence and sovereignty, Ukraine can count on Croatia's support and that Zagreb does not forget Ukraine's support during the Homeland War.
Text: Hina/MVEP

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