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New Visa Application Centre in Cape Town

On 30 May 2023 the new VFS Global – Croatia Visa Application Center was opened in Cape Town. Applications for the issuance of Croatian (Schengen) visas should be submitted at the new address: VFS Global – Croatia Visa Application Centre, 7th Floor, 2 Long Street, Cape Town CBD. VFS Global is a long-standing partner of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Pretoria, which facilitates the submission of visa applications. Due to the significantly increased interest for travel to the Republic of Croatia, in addition to the existing visa centers in Pretoria and Cape Town, soon we shall be opening two new visa centers in Johannesburg and Durban, which will make traveling to the Republic of Croatia easier for all citizens and residents of South Africa. Applicants for Croatian (Schengen) visas can book submission appointments on the VFS Global South Africa’s website. Applicants should read the information published on the websites of the Embassy as well as those of VFS Global, in order to correctly determine which type of visa they are applying for and to attach the appropriate documents to the application. The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Pretoria remains available to applicants for all necessary additional information.