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Jagoda Buić's Work Exhibited in Mayfair

On Thursday, February 23, 2023, members of the British-Croatian Society visited the "Antigone: Women in Fiber Art" exhibition in London at the Richard Saltoun Gallery. It is an exhibition dedicated to the tradition of artistic knitting and weaving in Central and Eastern Europe and is mostly focused  on gallery artist and Croatian fibre art pioneer Jagoda Buić, who sadly passed away last year.
Buić was known for her vast installations made out of textile cords, hemp and wool, and experiments with unusual surface textures, and was also a successful costume and set designer for opera, ballet, theatre and film productions. By dispensing with the traditional loom, she gave her works - which she called ‘tapestry situations’ - a new and powerful corporeality, boldly venturing into space and creating large-scale environments. 

Buić’s work is situated alongside fibre sculptures of three other pioneers, Magdalena Abakanowicz,  Barbara Levittoux-Świderska, and Ewa Pachucka, and new work by a younger generation of textile artists, Anna Perach and Egle Jauncems.
The exhibition was installed in January and can be viewed until March 18.