Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

I’m a Croatian national, married to an Argentinian. My husband and I plan to move to Croatia. How does he as a foreign national regulate his residence?

The criteria for entry, residence and work of foreigners are regulated by the Foreigners Act (Official Gazette no. 130/11 and 74/2013) and accompanying laws. A third-country national, in this case an Argentinian, who is married to a Croatian national and plans to stay in Croatia longer than three months is obliged to submit no later than eight days before the three-month period is over an application for a residence card of a family member of EU citizen, which proves the right of temporary residence. The Act states that the family member shall be issued a residence card if he/she:
    has a valid passport, encloses documents proving that they are a family member, does not pose a threat to public order or national security, is not banned from entering and staying in Croatia.
Biometric residence card is valid for up to five years.