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A presentation of Lepoglava lace was held in Munich...

On 2 July 2003, within the Ladies Club of the consular corps in Bavaria, a presentation of Lepoglava lace was held at the residence of Mr. Zvonko Plećaš, General Consul of the Republic of Croatia in Munich. The presentation was organised with the support of the Ministry for Crafts and Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Croatia. The program was accompanied by the presentation of the tourist offer of the Varaždin area and the Croatia at large.

Ms. Karmen Šoptarić, Head of the Lepoglava Lace Cooperative, and Ms. Vesna Županić, a lace-maker, provided information on Lepoglava lace and its elaboration. Through the General Consulate in Munchen, a contact between the Lepoglava Lace Cooperative and the Gallery of Chamber of Crafts for Munich and the Upper Bavaria, which express its interest in including the lace in its exhibition program, was established.

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