Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova



All passport applications should be submitted in person.

The following needs to be submitted:

  • ID document (to establish applicants identity and Croatian citizenship, i.e. osobna iskaznica or putovnica)
  • Passport size photographin color(3,5 x 4,5 cm).Important: Look straight into the camera, do not smile, with white background, face should occupy about 75-80% of the photograph surface
  • Previous passport (for passport renewals)
  • US visa,Green Card or US passport
  • For children, applying for the first time, please include original Birth certificate (no older than six months from date of application), legalized with Apostille Seal and translated into Croatian language (if born in US). Children over age of 12 must be present to sign the application an dfor giving fingerprints to be stored in the chip biometric passports.

For 1st time applicants, who have never had a Croatian passport, except the documents listed above, please submit Domovnica (Croatian citizenship certificate) or Rješenje o primitku u državljanstvo (ruling of the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Croatia that you have received Croatian citizenship), Birth certificate (not older than 6 months, legalized with Apostille Seal and translated into Croatian language).

If an applicant got married abroad and has changed his/her surname, a passport with a new name cannot be issued before the change of the name/surname has been registered in the competent Registry of Birth and the Registry of Marriage in Croatia. More info.

Consular service comprises a consular fee of $79,27 for applicants older than 21 years and $59,45 for younger than 21. Please note that payment is only possible by personal check or money order payable to Embassy of Croatia.