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In order to get married in Croatia all inquiries should be addressed to the General Registry office  which will conduct the ceremony. More information and contact details can be found at Most documents issued by the Irish authority may need to have additional Annexes  -e.g. Multilingual Standard Forms (MSF) issued only when you are obtaining a certificate from the General Register Office in Ireland. If there is no additional annexes, documets have to be translated into Croatian by an official interpreter in Ireland or by a certified court interpreter in Croatia.


For information on requirements for getting married in the Ireland contact the local Registry Office where the ceremony will take place (more information available at

Registering marriage in Croatia

Croatian nationals who have married overseas – including Ireland – are obliged to register their marriage in the Republic of Croatia. This can be done at the

  • directly at the Registry Office in the Republic of Croatia according to the place of residence if a person has Croatian address in the passport or ID, or at Registry Office Centar in Zagreb if a person has no registered address in Croatia (the list of Croatian Registry Offices is available on or
  • through the Croatian Embassy.


Applicants must have registered their birth in Croatian Registry in order to proceed with registering their marriage.

If a marriage is registered through the Embassy, the request must be submitted in person during office hours.

PROCESSING TIME: the average duration when the application is processed through the Embassy is 3 to 6 months (due to the fact it is carried out through the diplomatic post); while registering at the Registry Office in Croatia can be done quicker (in a day).

Fee: 35 EUR

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents while conducting legally binding proceedings related to each request submitted.