Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

Croatian Passports

E passport is a public document with electronic chip issued to for traveling abroad.

Passport is issued by a police authority of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia. Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Ireland can issue a passport to a Croatian national legally residing in Ireland.

Croatian national who has lost his passport or it cannot serve its purpose and it is necessary for him/her to stay abroad more than 30 days for purpose of medical treatment, official business, education, specialization or other justified reason, passport can be issued by Croatian diplomatic mission/consular post in place of his/her current residence.

In order for a Croatian national to obtain a Croatian passport he/she must come in person to the Embassy during office hours and submit:

  • an application form – available at the Embassy (for minors, passport applications are to be submitted by their legal representatives – both parents must be included in the process);
  • A colour photograph ( );
  • A proof of identity - identity document with a photo – e.g. valid Croatian passport or identity card, foreign passport or any other valid document with a photo proving his/her true identity. If a person changed his/her name, please see section below,
  • A proof of the address in Ireland – utility bill (electricity, gas, Revenue tax or similar) with full name and surname of an applicant as shown in the Croatian passport.

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents while conducting legally binding proceedings related to each request submitted.

Fee:  under 21- 56 EUR
         over   21- 74 EUR paid by debit card in the premises of embassy.


For minors, passport applications are to be submitted by their legal representatives - both parents must participate in the procedure in the following way:

  • submitting the application together or
  • one parent submits the application while the other parent collects the passport, or
  • providing power of attorney to a parent who will submit passport application and collect it
  • in case when a minor doesn’t have other parent, legal guardian must provide prove (Certified Copy of an Entry of a Birth or Certified Copy of an Entry of a Death or valid court decision confirming the full parental rights of a parent who is submitting the application)


For children (anyone under the age of 18) the following is required:

An application form (available at the Embassy and filled out by the child’s legal representative- both parents)

  • A colour photograph, size 35x45 mm (;
  • Proof of identity of the parent/legal guardian of a child - Croatian passport of the parent / legal guardian and proof of the address in the Ireland (e.g. utility bill: electricity, gas, Revenue tax or similar)
  • Proof of citizenship – Domovnica or citizenship certificate/ Decision of the Minister of Interior on Croatian citizenship or similar.
  • Croatian Birth Certificate – children from 12-year-old and older have to be present for the application. 
  • A statement of consent by the parents on the registered residence/address of the child may be required – if required you will be provided with the appropriate instructions upon application.