Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

Public holidays

Croatian and Irish Public Holidays in 2024

Monday, January 1                                     New Year's Day (HR, IE)
Saturday, January 6                                    The Epiphany (HR)
Monday, February 5                                    St. Brigid's Day (IE) 
Sunday, March 17                                       St. Patrick's Day (IE)
Sunday, March 31                                       Easter (HR, IE)
Monday, April 1                                           Easter Monday (HR, IE)
Wednesday, May 1                                      Labour Day (HR)
Monday, May 6                                           May Day (IE)
Thursday, May 30                                       Statehood Day (HR) & Corpus Christi (HR)
Monday, June 3                                           June Bank Holiday (IE)
Saturday, June 22                                        Anti-Fascism Day (HR)
Monday, August 5                                      Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and
                                                                  Croatian Veterans Day (HR) & August Bank Holiday (IE)   
Thursday, August 15                                   The Assumption (HR)
Monday, October 28                                   October Bank Holiday (IE)
Friday, November 1                                     All Saints Day (HR)
Monday, November 18                                Remembrance Day for Homeland War Victims and
                                                                   Remembrance Day for the 
Victims of Vukovar and Ċ kabrnja (HR)
Wednesday, December 25                           Christmas Day (HR, IE)
Thursday, December 26                              St. Stephen's Day (HR, IE)