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Presentation on Wayang Beber

At the Wayang Museum in Jakarta, on August 13, 2017, a short presentation and discussion were organized by the Unit Pengelola Museum Seni, on the subject of the traditional Javanese picture scroll theater - Wayang Beber, with the aim of raising awareness of the Wayang Beber. Mentioned is the type of the Wayang Theater that preceded the development of the famous shadow puppet theatre (Wayang kulit), and played an important role in the past. Today it is a very neglected and rare art. As a part of the event, Croatian cultural anthropologists Mrs. Marina Pretkovic and Mrs. Tea Å¡krinjaric, presented their project "Wayang Beber on Java", implemented within the framework of their AngArt - open platform for engaged cultural - artistic projects. They presented the materials of their previous research, which included the first field research on Java, during 2016 and an exhibition held at the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb. In addition to the current knowledge of history and current state of the Wayang Beber theaters, they also presented activities on this year"s field research and the creation of a comprehensive database as the main long-term goal.

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