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Ambassador Mr. Dražen Margeta visited the capitol City of Gorontalo

Organized by the MFA of the RI and the Provincial Government of Gorontalo (Sulawesi Island), Croatian Ambassador Mr. Dražen Margeta, together with the Ambassadors of Switzerland and Mexico, as well as Chargé d" Affairs of the Embassy of Poland, Pakistan, Armenia and Mozambique visited the capitol City of Gorontalo in Gorontalo Province from September 8-10, 2015. During his visit, Ambassador Margeta met with economic, cultural, educational and assorted resources (agriculture, fisheries, tourism, higher education, construction of "smart city" of Gorontalo and infrastructure, transportation) of the Province. In his speach, as a group leader, Ambassador Margeta, focused on the concrete possibilities of cooperation between the Croatian economy and the Province of Gorontalo, presenting particular projects that had recently spoken with the Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia. The event was followed by local TV stations (an interview with the ambassador) and local newspapers.

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