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Croatian Embassy participated in marking the Human Rights Day in Israel

On the occasion of the Human Rights Day (10 December), the EU Delegation in Tel Aviv organized several activities in Israel attended by the EU Heads of Missions. With other ambassadors, Ms Tina Krce, ChargĂ©e d"Affaires a.i., visited the Bialik - Rogozin School on the south of Tel Aviv. The concept of the School is based on inclusiveness and multicultural approach under the slogan “Embrace the World“. The principal, Mr. Eli Nechama, introduced the EU ambassdors with the School’s activities, followed by the students’ choir performance. About 1300 children, from first to twelfth grade, mostly coming from less-advantaged families living on the south of Tel Aviv and children of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers attend the Bialik - Rogozin School - in total children from 51 countries and of all faiths/confessions. Due to its unique educational concept, which teaches children through lessons and various extracurricular activities about the values ??of human rights, mutual respect, equality, freedom of choice, and encourages the development of excellence, and valuable educational, social and therapeutic achievements in working with students, a documentary film (“Strangers No More”, 2010) was made about it. The film was awarded with the Oscar. In 2012 the School received a National Educational Prize. A book was also published about the School („Ein Zuhause in der Frende“, Norbert Kron, 2017).

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