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Ireland Francophonie Ambassadors’ Literary Award

Under the auspices of the 20 embassies of the International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF) in Ireland, on October 23rd 2017, at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador, an Irish author whose book was translated into French was given a literary award for a second consecutive time. The jury was composed of 20 ambassadors from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. Mr Ivan Mašina, the Croatian Ambassador to Ireland, participated in the ceremony as a member of the jury. The Francophonie Ambassadorial Prize was given to Edna O"Brien for her novel Little Red Chairs, recently translated into French with the title Les petites chaises rouges. The novel deals with the topic of immigration, separation from the roots, consequences of war and the nature of evil- through the description of the main character, a psychopath monster with no capacity for remorse, who appears in an Irish town disguised as a holistic healer with a captivating charisma.

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