Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

Travelling of minors

A legal guardian (one or both parents) shall submit an application for a minor child and support it with the child’s birth certificate.

If a minor is travelling with one parent only, and the other parent has not signed the visa application, a notarised letter of authorisation signed by the parent who is not travelling or a proof that the parent who signed the application is the only legal guardian of the minor child (other parent’s death certificate, court decision) shall be presented.

If a minor is travelling alone, along with the application, a notarised authorisation signed by both parents that includes: personal information about both parents, purpose and period of stay in Croatia, time of stay in Croatia, period for which the authorisation is given and signature shall be presented. If a child is travelling with another person, the letter of authorisation shall include this person’s personal information.

The authorisation is notarised by a notary public, and it does not have to be translated into Croatian.

If a group of children is travelling, instead of the letter of authorisation the institution organising this travel shall provide  its official certificate stating information about the journey, the list of children travelling and information about accompanying persons.