Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

Pusić: Today’s meeting a demonstration of unity

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Vesna Pusic is attending in Brussels a meeting of the coalition for the fight against Islamic State. After the meeting, attended by representatives of some 60 countries that make up the international coalition against what lately has been called Daesh, Pusic told the press that "the acronym has been used to underline that ISIL is neither about Islam nor about the state, as implied by its name. It is simply a terrorist and extremist group using the most brutal methods to get hold of power, money and oil wells." Also in attendance are the Iraqi PM and UN Special Representative for Iraq Nikola Mladenov, who reported on the agreement reached between the Kurdish side and the government in Baghdad on dividing the profits from oil sale, which has been a dividing point and an important step in gathering forces to fight against terrorist groups. The Iraqi PM said Iraq needed aid in the form of clothes, equipment, weapons, health, humanitarian aid and military training. He was adamant to gather all the forces, regardless of their religious beliefs. Asked about Croatia’s contribution to the coalition, Pusic said: “Croatia is contributing by sending ammunition and humanitarian aid. We are cooperating with Baghdad and Erbil. This meeting has demonstrated unity, from Japan to Asian countries, the United State and all countries in our region,” she added. The meeting also discussed the recruitment of extremists for Daesh. "In that regard, Croatia has had a very positive experience of cooperation with the Islamic community, and mufti Aziz Hasanovic has played a very important and positive role in the communication with the Islamic community in Croatia. Cooperation is the most efficient way of promoting European Islam," Pusic told the press.

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