Prime minister Kurti meets the Croatian Ambassador Barišic

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, in the wake of meetings with our friends and allies, today, in the offices of the Government of Kosovo, hosted the Croatian Ambassador to Kosovo, Mrs. Danijela Barišic in a meeting. The Ambassador congratulated the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo and offered him great support as a strategic and very close partner of the Albanian people. Our international allies are important for the state of Kosovo, especially when one of those allies is a close and partner country such as Croatia. Besides cooperation in the international sphere, we should cooperate with Croatia in the regional one as well. Kosovo and Croatia have a lot in common, thus making cooperation a necessity. Croatia has taken over the Presidency of the European Union and this is great fortune for our country and as such we should use it. European integration is a priority of the new government and all our intellectual and team capacities will be committed to achieving the best possible outcome in this regard. (izvor:

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