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Exhibition "Squaring the Circle, Rounding the Square"At the Croatian Embassy in Tokyo, Ambassador Drago štambuk opened yesterday calligraphy exhibition entitled “Squaring the Circle”. The exhibition, instead of Japan's traditional kanji, as objects of artistic interpretation features the geometrical shapes of squares and circles – the symbols of Croatia and Japan.23.10.2008. | Press releases
Koncert Kwansei Gakuin Kluba 28. rujna 2008Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Japan Drago Stambuk recently participated at the 40th Kwansei Gakuin Glee Club Festival, where Kwansei Gakuin Elementary, Junior High and High School, as well as Kwansei Gakuin University choirs performed. Kwansei Gakuin University (City of Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture) has a long tradition of choir singing, with Kwansei Gakuing Glee Club, the oldest Japanese male choir, celebrating this year the 109th anniversary of foundation.29.09.2008. | Press releases
Ambassador Štambuk inaugurated the Croatian Tourist Workshop in TokyoAmbassador of the Republic of Croatia in Japan Dr. Drago štambuk inaugurated the Croatian Tourist Workshop in Tokyo on Wednesday, 17 September 2008. In his address Ambassador štambuk expressed satisfaction with the fact that the number of Japanese tourist in Croatia doubled this year and also expressed his wish for a better cooperation between Japanese and Croatian tourist companies with the aim to increase the number of visits to Croatia.18.09.2008. | Press releases
Interview with H.E. Drago Štambuk for APIU NewsletterInterview with H.E. Dr. Drago štambuk, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Japan, for Croatian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency Newsletter01.04.2008. | Press releases
Ambassador Štambuk´s preface, JOI, Sept. 2007Ambassador Drago štambuk´s preface, JOI Magazine, Sept. 2007 When Japanese companies started investing in Central and Eastern Europe in early 90's, there was a war against Croatia, and due to that unfortunate circumstances my country was overlooked by Japanese companies and became so the missing link in the chain of Japanese investments in our region. However, more than 10 years after the war the situation has completely changed, and today's Croatia is politically and economically stable, prosperous country, peaceful and secure.01.09.2007. | Press releases