Press Conference Rita and Mia 2011

On 10 June, 2011 at the Art gallery of the Guocuiyuan National Treasure Park, the Embassy of Croatia organized a press conference for the representatives of China's media, China Daily, monthly magazines LOOKWE, The World and China, Diplomat, Women of China and Xingguang and the China Radio International, presenting activities marking the twentieth anniversary of National Day and Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Croatia.


Ambassador Ante Simonic announced the opening of two art exhibitions, three concerts of the famous woman’s choir Luka from Rijeka and a reception for the Croats living in China, diplomatic and military representatives of the diplomatic corps, distinguished representatives from China's political, economic and cultural life, and representatives of Chinese media.
Croatian academic painter residing in Beijing, Ms. Mia Kirinčić, presented to the media an original art installation, while Ms Rita Zhao, artist and performer, introduced  to the media Croatian natural beauties and cultural heritage through hundreds of photographs made during the trip in Croatia.

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