Frankofonija 2011 Morana

At the 16th Francophonie Film Festival in China which took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and other Chinese cities during  March, 2011, Croatia was represented by  3D animation film Morana directed by Simon Bogojević Narath.

The Croatian animation film Morana was screened twice at the French Cultural Centre in Beijing. The film opened the Francophonie Film Festival in Shaghai and Guanzhou.  At the Francophonie film festival in China in 2011, 26 countries participated in all film categories. Over 7000 people attended the screenings. In 2010. Croatia was represented by the film “Ajde, dan..prođi” directed by Matija Kluković. The animation film Morana was conceded to the Embassy of Croatia in Beijing thanks to the “Bonobostudio” for production, distribution and promotion of animated and experimental films from Zagreb.

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