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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to Japan!

These pages are intended to all of those interested in learning more about Croatia and the activities of the Embassy. We would like to provide our fellow citizens residing or visiting Japan, as well as all of those who might be interested in visiting our beautiful and friendly country, with useful and interesting information about Croatia. 

On this Website you will find consular notices and information from various aspects of bilateral cooperation between Croatia and Japan, as well as announcements about venues and time of various economic, cultural and other events.

The Website is meant for you, distinguished visitors, so we would highly appreciate your suggestions, recommendations, views and questions with the aim to be as informative as possible and to achieve high interactivity.

The Croatian Embassy in Tokyo is committed to further strengthening and deepening of relations and development of bilateral ties between the Republic of Croatia and Japan. Our two countries, even though geographically distant, have a number of similarities and common interests. Both countries are strongly committed towards strengthening of peace and stability in the world through their active bilateral and multilateral engagement. We both have a long maritime traditions and orientation towards the sea. Both countries have extremely beautiful and preserved natural and cultural heritage. Croatia and Japan are running their market economies with the focus on excellence. This is an asset that through our joint efforts can lead towards further strengthening of trade and investments between the two countries. A special attention is also given to the bilateral cooperation in areas of science, technology, culture and education.   

We are very pleased to see a huge number of Japanese tourists visiting Croatia every year. As Embassy, we would like to actively contribute to further increase of Japanese visitors to our country. At the same time, through our active engagement we would like to see many Croatian citizens visiting Japan so that they could directly experience the impressive history and culture, as well as economic and technological achievements of Japan.

We see continuous work on Country Branding of Croatia as one of our most important tasks. Our goal is to make our country known, not only as a beautiful country that is homeland of numerous world top athletes, but also as a country that produces a number of highest quality products in field of high technologies, software, gastronomy and a number of other areas. We would like to see more of these products finding its way to the Japanese market.

Besides in the bilateral context, the cooperation between two countries also has an important multilateral dimension, predominantly through the cooperation in international organizations and fora. An important aspect of cooperation is related to the fact that Croatia is a member of the EU and NATO.    

Croatia, as well as Japan, is having high expectations from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We also see a huge added value of numerous ongoing pre-Olympic activities that provide an excellent opportunity for the cooperation, exchange of experiences and making friendships among athletes and all those involved in such activities.

Dear visitors,

Once again welcome to the Embassy’s web site. We hope that you will be visiting these pages frequently and that we will be able to make it better with your assistance. 

Dražen Hrastić