Procedure accreditation for Tourist Agencies

Foreign travel agencies accredited with a DM/CP (Diplomatic Mission/Consular Post) may act as intermediaries in the lodging of applications and obtaining visas for aliens referred to in Article 13 of the Ordinance on Visas, who, in an organised manner and as a group, are travelling to the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of a tourist visit.


1.1. A foreign travel agency seeking accreditation with a DM/CP shall address exclusively the competent DM/CP, at latest until 15 March of the year for which the accreditation is required.
1.2. A foreign travel agency shall submit the following to the DM/CP:
(a) a request for accreditation with the DM/CP,
(b) a licence for operating in the area of tourist activities (appropriate certified photocopy, translated into the Croatian or English language),
(c) a contract with an appropriate legal entity in the Republic of Croatia, containing elements pertaining to accommodation capacities (private or hotel accommodation),
(d) a contract with an airline company or another carrier dealing with transport of tourists,
(e) a contract with an insurance company on group or individual travel insurance for tourists,
(f) a framework assessment of the number of tourists,
(g) a power of attorney for the authorised travel agency representative(s) who will lodge visa applications and pick them up at the DM/CP, a photocopy of their passports and identification cards, and one colour photograph, 35x45 mm.
1.3. The Croatian legal person with which the agency has concluded a contract shall submit an excerpt from the court register (not older than six months) or a certified photocopy of the commercial court’s decision.
1.4. On the basis of available documents and data indicating the (lack of) credibility of the agency (collected within the framework of local consular co-operation with representatives of DM/CPs of the EEA Member States in the receiving country), the DM/CP shall submit the ministry competent for foreign affairs an elaborated proposal on establishing co-operation with the foreign travel agency.
1.5. The ministry competent for foreign affairs shall decide, within a period of 15 days, whether the concerned travel agency should be granted accreditation or not. In the course of the decision-making process, the Croatian legal person referred to in item 2 may be requested to submit additional documents.
1.6. On the basis of the decision of the ministry competent for foreign affairs, the DM/CP shall notify the foreign agency of the granting/refusal of accreditation.
1.7. The accreditation shall be issued for a period of up to one year.

2.1. Foreign travel agencies shall immediately notify the DM/CP of any change of facts on the basis of which the accreditation was issued, and especially as regards:
(a) cancellation of the contract with a Croatian legal person,
(b) concluding of a new contract with another Croatian legal person,
(c) change of authorised representatives, etc.